Is “Likeability” the X-Factor in Sales?

Let me just say the topic of this blog excites me for a number of different reasons. I was actually asked by a contact on LinkedIn who enjoyed another blog I wrote, The Art of the Sales Call, to expand … Continue reading

Are chivalry, good manners and common decency as prevalent now as they once were?

Once again I was up late channel surfing and stumbled across one of those syndicated judge shows on TV. You know what I’m talking about… the litigants have agreed to settle their dispute in our forum. This particular show was … Continue reading

Top 25 Now… and Then.

As we get older things change, one of those being how much we sleep.  Despite staying as busy as I am, and am usually only home if I’m working or sleeping, I frequently find myself up in the middle of … Continue reading

We Speak, We Heal, and We Care… at Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando.

Of the many church and charitable opportunities of which I volunteer my time and donate money the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando (P.A.G.O.) is my favorite.  And don’t get me wrong as I do enjoy all of them.  It’s like … Continue reading

Like Every Fishing Story… This Catfish Stew Recipe Gets Better Each Time.

As my first recipe post, I’d like to share one of my favorites and have my Dad to thank for it.  Now that I think of it… he’s given me a lot of great recipes. I’ve been fishing with Dad … Continue reading