Cory Prado

Game Changing Sales Generator | Family Man | Volunteer

People describe me as easy-going, objective, pragmatic, analytical and engaging. I suppose it is all of these qualities combined with a strong work ethic that have helped me create a successful track record in sales, service and marketing!

Building relationships on trust and ethics are very important to me and my integrity is my most valuable currency. I work well with a great deal of autonomy as a result of self-discipline. This not only helps me maximize my time, but it also allows me to build relationships with industry peers and new customers as I prospect, network, and manage in an ongoing fluid environment. I take pride in always conducting myself with complete honesty and transparency both professionally and personally.

I am a family man who enjoys helping others, working in the community, and volunteering at my church. My faith is important to me as I was accepted into the church as an adult through R.C.I.A. When not at home you’ll more than likely find me at the YMCA as I spend more time there than any other place. Among the many things I enjoy at the Y like socializing with the staff and friends, working out with my personal trainer, spinning, yoga, Pilates, swimming or boot camp classes. My favorite Y activity is coaching the youth soccer program for the past several years. As my niece would say “we’re a soccer family,” going back to my grandpa who played semi-pro soccer.

As a type A personality I’m always doing something goal-oriented engaging with family or friends, experimenting in the kitchen, exercising, local events or reading. I consider myself a lifelong learner to keep things interesting and to keep myself challenged. Whether it be sales, people or technology I’ll often research and read many resources on a subject to get all the facts so I can better understand it and to help others.

I’m a down-to-earth guy who doesn’t sweat the small stuff and appreciates the simple things in life. Doing the right thing is important to me whether it be helping someone change a flat tire or discussing other options with a prospect that may not necessarily lead to what I can offer.

My hope in sharing my thoughts and ideas is that with anything I write… my hope is that you’ll be able to take away “just one thing” that will help you or give you an idea of your own.